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Дигитален проектор ACER Predator GD711 DLP 4K2K 4000 LED Lm 1000000/1 HDMI 3.2Kg EURO Power EMEA

Продуктов код: 67999
Дигитален проектор Acer
Дигитален проектор Acer Predator GD711 MR.JUW11.001 Дигитален проектор Acer Predator GD711 MR.JUW11.001 Дигитален проектор Acer Predator GD711 MR.JUW11.001 Дигитален проектор Acer Predator GD711 MR.JUW11.001 Дигитален проектор Acer Predator GD711 MR.JUW11.001 Дигитален проектор Acer Predator GD711 MR.JUW11.001
Дигитален проектор Acer
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Predator GD711
Партиден номер:
24 месеца
Яркост на проектора:
1450 ANSI lumens
2000000 :1
Екран- резол.:
3840 x 2160 / 16:9 / 4K Ultra HD
Цена с включен ДДС:
2402.84 лв.
Гаранционен срок 24 месеца

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Acer Predator GD711

Производител : ACER
Продуктов номер на производителя : MR.JUW11.001


Take your gaming to new horizons with the GD711's HDR10-capable LED projection in 4K UHD and go full speed in FHD at up to 240Hz on PC or choose from various modes that support variable refresh rate for both PC and next-gen consoles. Your game-ready home theater has arrived.
 ключови търговски точки/предимства
  • See it all so clearly
    Say farewell to your TV and transform any space into a game haven with just the right amount of home theater.
  • Oh, the colors
    Whenever possible, always go for the Rec.709 color gamut. This international HDTV standard guarantees accurate cinematic color reproduction - exactly as the director intended. And, with the outstanding contrast ratio, HDR10 compatibility, and DynamicBlack Technology - you'll see just how far projectors have come in making that home theater a reality.
  • Fast is the only way
    If you have the PC to feed the frames, then you can reach up to 240Hz in 1080p on PC via High Frame Rate mode or 120Hz in 1080p on the latest consoles with Variable Refresh Rate mode. Variable Refresh Rate keeps your gameplay seamless, tear-free and smooth. Visuals are improved by reducing or eliminating lag and/or judder through the use of syncing your display's refresh to the output of your console or PC.
  • Choose your mode
    Game Mode fine-tunes images for how you want to see your game. Enhance contrast and dark levels to either immerse yourself in the environment or spot enemies attempting to avoid your sight. An additional football mode also enhances the brightness, saturation, sharpness, and gamma in the bright scenes for especially vivid images.
  • Wireless smart projector
    The Predator GD711 works with multiple audio-visual platforms to give you the best audio-visual experience and lets you easily connect to various apps with ease. Enjoying your favorite shows is made even easier with the option to connect wirelessly and the addition of the 10W speaker and antimicrobial remote.
  • Go wireless
    Easily pair devices with the wireless dongle without the hassle of cables.
  • 10W speaker
    Plenty of sound whether loading up a game or enjoying your latest show.
  • Antimicrobial remote
    Tested by ISO 22196:2011, the silver-ion antimicrobial agent has shown a consistent reduction rate in microbe buildup.
  • Designed to do more
    The Predator GD711 is designed to be easy to install, be used 24/7, and includes a number of features and technologies to reduce its carbon footprint and extend the lifespan of the projector.
  • Auto-keystone
    Thanks to the automatic vertical keystone correction, the projector automatically compensates for trapezoidal distortion if the projector is not positioned correctly.
  • 2D keystone
    This allows for minute adjustments to horizontal and vertical for the proper rectangular shape on both sides of the image.
  • AC Power On
    With the AC Power On function, the projector is able to turn on automatically such as when turning on the power in the room it is in.
  • HDMI Power On
    With the HDMI Power On function, the projector is able to turn on automatically when the projector receives a signal via HDMI or VGA.
  • Colorsafe II
    Guarantees consistent, brilliant and natural color projection throughout the life of the projector through the use of DLP technology chip.
  • DLP link 3D
    3D content can be transferred from suitable playback devices such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D set-top boxes and 3D game consoles without the need for an additional PC.
  • LED lamp life
    Use this projector as often as you like and for as long as you like; with a 30,000-hour lifetime, you won't be needing a replacement any time soon.
Име на продукта: ACER Predator Проектор GD711 DLP 4K2K 4000 LED Lm 1000000/1 HDMI 3.2Kg EURO Power EMEA
Описание : Acer Predator GD711 - DLP projector - LED - 3D - 1450 ANSI lumens (4000 LED lumens) - 3840 x 2160 - 16:9 - 4K - 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless / Bluetooth 4.2 / Miracast
EAN: 4710886742333
Device Type: DLP projector - 4K
3D Capable: Yes (3D glasses sold separately)
Built-in Devices: Speaker
Localisation: Europe
Brightness: 1450 ANSI lumens
Contrast Ratio: 2000000:1 (dynamic)
Image Size: 149.86 cm - 762 cm
Projection Distance: 1.6 m - 8.1 m
Digital Zoom Factor: 2x
Resolution: 4K2K - 3840 x 2160 (native) / 3840 x 2160 (resized)
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Colour Support: 1.07 billion colours (30-bit)
Max Sync Rate (V x H): 240 Hz x 135 kHz
Bulb type: LED
Features: DynamicBlack technology, ISFccc, 4:3 aspect ratio support, Game mode, Acer ColorSafe II Technology, HDR10 compatibility, 24/7 operation, 125% Rec.709 coverage, Variable Refresh Rates
Keystone Correction Direction: Horizontal, vertical
Vertical Keystone Correction: -30 / +30
Horizontal Keystone Correction: -30 / +30
 Video Input
Video Interfaces: HDMI
LAN and Wireless Image Transferring Protocols: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11n, Miracast, IEEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2
Type: Integrated
Sound Output Mode: Mono
Output Power / Channel: 10 Watt
Speakers: 1 x mixed channel
 Expansion / Connectivity
Interfaces: 2 x HDMI - 19 pin HDMI Type A
1 x audio line-out
2 x USB 2.0
Included Accessories: Remote control, battery for remote control, security card
Cables Included: 1 x HDMI cable
Power Source: AC
Voltage Required: AC 100-240 V
Power Consumption Operational: 143 Watt
Power Consumption Stand by: 0.5 Watt
 Dimensions & Weight
Width: 32 cm
Depth: 23 cm
Height: 10.9 cm
Weight: 3.1 kg
 Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature: 0 °C
Max Operating Temperature: 40 °C
Humidity Range Operating: Up to 80% (non-condensing)

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