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AOC 23.8" PDS241 Porsche Design

Продуктов код: 25218
Монитор AOC
Монитор AOC 23.8" PDS241 Porsche Design (умалена снимка 1) Монитор AOC 23.8" PDS241 Porsche Design (умалена снимка 2)
Монитор AOC
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PDS241 Porsche Design
Партиден номер:
36 месеца
Екран- резол.:
1920 x 1080 / 16:9 / Full HD
Екран- тип матрица:
Опреснява- вертикална честота в Hz:
60 Hz
Ъгъл на видимост (H/V):
178 / 178
Цена с включен ДДС:
311.00 лв.

Гаранционен срок 36 месеца

Гаранционните условия са определени от производителя

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Sleek and modular design meets a colour-accurate 24” AH-IPS panel.

The AOC PDS271 boasts a 24” IPS panel in 1080p with the most extraordinary design in a monitor. Designed by Studio F. A. Porsche, it has an asymmetrical metal stand hiding the cable inside.


Slim Design


Sometimes, less is more: With its minimalistic, slim profile, this monitor seamlessly blends into your working environment instead of obstructing your vision with a bulky casing. Enjoy more space on your desk, easy transportation and an appealing design with this slick, lightweight display.



IPS Panel


No matter if you are viewing photos, videos, a magazine layout in InDesign or playing your favourite game – we want your content to look excellent from whatever angle you are seeing it. That is why this display comes with an advanced IPS panel, which produces brilliant colours and offers wide viewing angles. This way, images always look excellent and accurate, regardless from which angle you – or your friends and co-workers sitting or standing next to you – are looking at the screen.



Frameless Design


3-sides frameless design of the monitor lets the user focus on the vivid display, and onlookers will enjoy the sleek and modern look from every angle.


Cable Management


The power and display signals run through the twisted metal asymmetrical stand. 




Bringing contemporary and functional design to your desk, these displays look like no other monitor on the market. With only 5.2 mm thickness, they are slimmer than your smartphone.


The AOC PDS241 sports the most exciting look in a monitor ever. Its 24” 3-sides frameless AH-IPS panel is capable of Full HD (1080p) resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio. The twisted shape of its metal stand houses the power and display cable. Therefore, its backside has an equally clean and sleek look just like its bezelless front side. This single cable is divided in a separate box for power and HDMI connections. Its AH-IPS panel provides accurate colours thanks to AOC’s Supercolor WCG technology, with 100% sRGB and %90 NTSC colour gamut coverage. With 4 ms GtG response time, the PDS241 is also suited for casual and light gaming. Wide viewing angles of up to 178° are supported, along with the best colour uniformity at any viewing angle. Its 250 cd/m² brightness will ensure visibility in brightly lit settings. AOC’s Flicker Free technology regulates the monitor’s brightness with a DC backlight system, reducing flicker and thereby relieving eye discomfort and fatigue experienced in longer usage. AOC’s Low Blue Light technology reduces harmful short wavelength blue light.


Размер на екрана, inch 23.8" (60.45 cm)
Вид на екрана Flat
Широкоекранен 16:9
Технология LED
Тип на матрицата IPS
Тип на дисплея Anti-Glare
Сензорен дисплей -
Резолюция 1920x1080
Разстояние м/у точките, mm 0.2745
Време за реакция, ms 4ms
Честота на опресняване, Hz 60Hz
Яркост, cd/m2 250cd/m2
Статичен контраст 1 000:1
Динамичен контраст 50 000 000:1
Ъгъл на видимост H/ V 178/178
3D -
Тунер -
Вградени говорители -
Display port -
Размери с поставка (Ш, Д, В), cm 54.1 x 17.8 x 41.6
Цвят Black
Други Borderless


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