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Cougar Puritas

Продуктов код: 28885
Компютърна кутия Cougar
Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 1) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 2) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 3) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 4) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 5) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 6) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 7) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 8) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 9) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 10) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 11) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 12) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 13) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 14) Компютърна кутия Cougar Puritas (умалена снимка 15)
Компютърна кутия Cougar
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Tempered Glass Cover Mid-Tower Case with Enhanced Cooling

PURITAS is a case for the valiant. For those who want a build that is truly theirs. For the creators. For the modding heroes. For the serious PC builders. It is a case for those who want to put their skills to the test. Fully transparent and with plenty of space for high-end components, PURITAS' limits are only your own.

Pure Tempered Glass

Four tempered glass covers create a black mirrored box that allows internal lighting to go out in a semi-transparent manner. This can both be used as-is, which will result in a beautiful case with a reflective effect, or in combination with internal lighting to create unique effects that will amaze you and your friends.


Powerful Cooling

To run the latest games, you need potent components that generate lots of heat; PURITAS allows you to enjoy gaming without worrying about overheating thanks to its fantastic cooling support. With the possibility of installing up to five water cooling radiators and ten fans, you will have greater leeway in designing the right solution to keep your computer well cooled!

PURITAS also includes a fan control system that can be used to optimize the speed of non-PWM fans (those with three pin-connectors). The included VORTEX LED fans can be controlled through this system too, allowing you to optimize the cooling performance.

Water cooling radiator support
Up to 5 radiators
Air cooling support
Up to 10 fans

Superior Gaming Specs

We built PURITAS not only to be a beautiful case but also to be able to house a truly powerful computer. This shows in its excellent support for high-end gaming components. With seven expansion slots, PURITAS allows you to install up to three 425mm long graphics cards. It also has dedicated space for storage: two 3.5" bays and four 2.5" bays give you space for all the SDDs and HDDs you need.


Three Amazing Light Rings

PURITAS comes with 3 COUGAR VORTEX LED fans that, apart from including the latest technology in fan design, sport a unique tri-directional (inward-forward-outward) light circle, visible from a 180 degree angle. With 33 LEDs per fan, these fans are also brighter than the average backlit fan.



Model Name
Case Form Factor Middle Tower
Motherboard Type Mini ITX / Micro ATX / ATX
Dimension (WxHxD) 218 x 520 x 490 (mm)
8.58 x 20.47 x 19.29 (in)
3.5" Drive Bay 2
2.5" Drive Bay 4
Expansion Slots 7
Cooling systemFront 120mm x 3 (pre-installed)
Top 120mm x 3
Right Side 120mm x 2
Rear 120mm x 1
Bottom 120mm x 1
I/O Panel USB3.0 x 2 / Mic x 1 / Audio x 1 / Fan Controller
Water Cooling SupportFront 360mm / 240mm / 120mm
Top 360mm / 240mm / 120mm
Right Side 240mm / 120mm
Rear 120mm
Bottom 120mm
Max. Graphics Card Length 425mm / 16.73 (in)
Max. CPU Cooler Height 160mm / 6.29 (in)
PSU Standard ATX PS2
Cable Management Yes
Fan Speed Control Yes

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