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SSD Goodram 240GB, IRDM, SATA3, 2.5" 7mm

Продуктов код: 27044
SSD Goodram
SSD Goodram IRDM IR-SSDPR-S25A-240 SSD Goodram IRDM IR-SSDPR-S25A-240 SSD Goodram IRDM IR-SSDPR-S25A-240
SSD Goodram
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240 GB

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Goodram IRDM

  • Capacities: 60, 120 and 240 GB
  • Robust MLC NAND
  • Up to 550 MB/s transfer speed
  • Up to 87 000 operations per second (IOPS)

SSD IRDM is based on a proven and reliable solution – a combination of MLC NAND and Phison S11 controller. It is available in capacities of 60, 120 and 240 GB. IRDM can operate as a cache or main storage in different setups ranging from office to gaming PCs. It offers solid parameters, reaching up to 550 MB/s for sequential reads and 540 MB/s for sequential writes. IOPS values are specified at up to 61 000 for read operations and 87 000 for write operations. By using classic 2,5” form factor with SATA III interface, IRDM SSD can be widely adopted in older or less advanced applications that lack the PCIe connector or doesn’t require this level of performance.


Reliable MLC NAND

SSD IRDM is based on reliable and fast MLC NAND flash. MLC NAND flash has up to 10 times higher endurance comparing to TLC NAND flash, used in most of the modern consumer Solid State Drives. This guarantee high level of data security and product longevity.

Universal 2,5” form factor with SATA interface

SSD IRDM is available in 2,5” 7mm thin form factor. By pairing it with SATA III interface, SSD IRDM can be easily mounted into most of laptops and desktop PCs and treated as simple drop-in replacement for Hard Drive Disks.

Guaranteed quality

IRDM SSD is based on effcient MLC 3D NAND Flash and Phison S11 controller. Extensive tests and component qualification enabled to create fast and reliable Solid State Drive. IRDM SSD is covered under 3-year manufacturer warranty and free technical support.



Parameter 60 GB 120 GB 240 GB
Compressible data read speed1 550 MB/s 550 MB/s 550 MB/s
Compressible data write speed1 540 MB/s 540 MB/s 540 MB/s
Incompressible data read speed2 430 MB/s 530 MB/s 530 MB/s
Incompressible data write speed2 305 MB/s 480 MB/s 515 MB/s
Random read operations per second (4K files)3 23 000 IOPS 38 000 IOPS 61 000 IOPS
Random write operations per second (4K files)3 63 000 IOPS 85 000 IOPS 87 000 IOPS

Physical Parameters

Capacities4 60, 120, 240 GB
Interface 2,5” SATA III
Controller Phison PS3111-S11

Reliability and Environment

Temperature Work: 0 ~ 70°C; Storage: -45 ~ 85°C
Mean Time Between Failures 2 million hours
Warranty 3 year with free technical support

Ordering information

Product Capacity Packaging P/N EAN
GOODRAM Iridium 120GB Retail SSDPR-IRID-120 5908267922002
240GB SSDPR-IRID-240 5908267922019
480GB SSDPR-IRID-480 5908267922026

1 Based on tests performed in ATTO Disk Benchmark 2.47 on SSD in FOB (fresh out of box) state. Actual results may vary depending on your system configuration or SSD wear.

2 Based on tests performed in Crystal Disk Mark 3.0.3 on SSD in FOB (fresh-out-of-box) state. Actual results may vary depending on your system configuration or SSD wear.

3Based on tests performed in Iometer on SSD in FOB (fresh-out-of-box) state. Actual results may vary depending on your system configuration or SSD wear.

4 Storage capacity for GOODRAM SSD is provided in decimal values, i.e. 1GB = 1 000 000 000 bytes. Operating systems that use the binary conversion, ie. 1GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes, may show lower storage capacity than provided in this specification. For more information about capacities visit www.goodram.com/SSD.

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