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Твърд диск HPE 1TB SATA 7.2K LFF LP DS HDD

Продуктов код: 73726
Твърд диск HPE
Твърд диск HPE
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HPE 861686-B21

Продуктов номер на производителя : 861686-B21


HPE Server Midline hard drives deliver the highest capacity, performance and reliability to your datacenter applications. Midline hard drives allow you to store more data without sacrificing performance or reliability; they are ideal to store all your bulk storage requirements.
All HPE hard drives pass a rigorous qualification process, which certify that every drive is proven to perform in your HPE ProLiant Server environments. Before final certification, all HPE Server Midline hard drives are optimized for compatibility and functionality, including support of SMART and HPE Systems Insight Manager.
 ключови търговски точки/предимства
  • Smart carriers
    HPE Hard Drives with smart carriers are designed to provide an interface to communicate critical status and management information. System status LED icons and a spinning activity ring reflecting the data-writing process notify users of the current system status. A blue LED located behind the handle can be activated remotely to guide users to a specific drive tray, while a do-not-remove icon positioned on the tray's eject button lights up to warn users when the removal of the drive would cause data loss.
  • Helium drives
    Although hard drives are sealed, they have air inside. Air can create turbulence-induced risk vibrations which can limit the storage density of HDDs. Newer helium-filled drives virtually eliminate turbulence because helium is 1/7th as dense as air. This lower density allows the read/write mechanism to spin more easily and precisely, with less drag. Less internal turbulence means the drive platters can be closer together, allowing more platters and increasing the capacity potential in the same space. Less turbulence also means helium drives tend to use less power, and run cooler and quieter.
Име на продукта: Твърд диск, HPE 1TB SATA 7.2K LFF LP DS HDD for GEN10: DL20, DL160, DL180, DL325, DL385
Описание : HPE Midline - Hard drive - 1 TB - hot-swap - 3.5" LFF Low Profile - SATA 6Gb/s - 7200 rpm
EAN: 0190017063614
Device Type: Hard drive - hot-swap
Capacity: 1 TB
Form Factor: 3.5" LFF Low Profile
Interface: SATA 6Gb/s
Drive Transfer Rate: 600 MBps (external)
Spindle Speed: 7200 rpm
 Expansion & Connectivity
Interfaces: 1 x SATA 6 Gb/s
Compatible Bay: 3.5" LFF Low Profile
 Compatibility Information
Designed For: HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 (3.5"), 4200 Gen9 for Google (3.5"), 4510 Gen9 (3.5"), 4520 Gen9 (3.5"), 4530 (3.5")
HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 (3.5"), DL160 Gen10 Base (3.5"), DL160 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL160 Gen10 SMB (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 SMB (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus Base (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus High Performance (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus Performance (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 solution (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Base (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus All-NVMe Flash Node for Software Defined Storage (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus for Weka Expansion Tracking (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 Base (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 for Weka Base Tracking (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 Performance (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), DL345 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL345 Gen10 Plus Base (3.5"), DL345 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), DL360 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL360 Gen10 Plus All-NVMe Server for Software Defined Storage (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), ML110 Gen10 (3.5"), ML110 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), ML110 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), ML110 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Plus Performance (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Base (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 High Performance (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 SMB (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Special Server (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Sub-Entry (3.5")
HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Plus V2 Node (3.5")


Размер на твърдия диск
Капацитет на твърдия диск
1000 GB
Скорост на твърдия диск
7200 обмин
Serial ATA III
Скорост на пренос на интерфейса на твърдия диск
6 Гбитс


Работно напрежение
5 12 V

Тегло и размери

146,1 мм
219,2 мм
254 мм
1,36 кг

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