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Game Pads Logitech Wireless F710, 2.4GHz, Vibration, USB

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Геймпад Logitech
Геймпад Game Pads Logitech Wireless F710, 2.4GHz, Vibration, USB (умалена снимка 1) Геймпад Game Pads Logitech Wireless F710, 2.4GHz, Vibration, USB (умалена снимка 2) Геймпад Game Pads Logitech Wireless F710, 2.4GHz, Vibration, USB (умалена снимка 3) Геймпад Game Pads Logitech Wireless F710, 2.4GHz, Vibration, USB (умалена снимка 4)
Геймпад Logitech
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Детайлна информация / Технически характеристики
The 2.4 GHz wireless connection uses a plug-and-forget nano-receiver that's so small you can insert it into a USB port on your computer and leave it there – even on laptop PCs – so you get fast data transmission and virtually no delays, dropouts or interference.
With broad game support, the Logitech® Wireless Gamepad F710 is easy to set up and use with your favourite games – from old standbys to today's biggest titles.
Profiler software allows the gamepad to be programmed to perform keyboard and mouse commands for games without gamepad support*.
Dual vibration motors let you feel every hit, crash and explosion in games that support vibration feedback for a more realistic and immersive experience.
A familiar control layout that doesn't require a learning curve to be able to use, with all the same buttons as on game console controllers.

No cords to get in your way. The Logitech® Wireless Gamepad F710 uses a powerful, reliable, cable-free 2.4 GHz connection while dual-motor vibration feedback lets you feel every hit, crash and explosion. Multiple mode settings bring a familiar console-style controller experience to your PC with support for the broadest number of games. Profiler software lets you customise your gamepad with keyboard and mouse inputs*. A classic controller design lets you focus on the game. The unique floating design of the D-pad makes it responsive to quick changes in direction. And rubber grips make game play extra comfortable. * Requires software installation.

Logitech® Wireless Gamepad F710
Console-style control with a cable-free 2.4 GHz connection
- Broad game support
- Fully programmable
- Dual vibration feedback

Package Content

Plug-and-forget nano-receiver
2 AA batteries
Range-extending receiver cable
Software CD
User documentation
2-year manufacturer's guarantee and full product support

Technical Specifications

XInput mode:
A, B, X, Y buttons
LB, RB buttons
Left and right analogue triggers
Start and Back buttons
Two clickable analogue mini-joysticks
8-way D-pad
Home button
Sports mode
Vibration on/off button

DirectInput mode:
10 programmable buttons*
Programmable left and right triggers*
Two programmable analogue mini-joysticks*
8-way programmable D-pad*
Sports mode
Vibration on/off button

* Requires software installation.

System Requirements

Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7
USB port
CD-ROM drive

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