Raidmax Cobra Series RX-800AE 800W, 80 Plus Gold

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Продуктов код:25229
Модел:Cobra Series RX-800AE
Партиден номер:-
Гаранция:24 месеца

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◎  80 PLUS® Gold efficiency, delivering 90% energy efficiency at real world load condition.


◎  High quality Japanese capacitors ensure solid power delivery and long term reliability.


◎  Stable voltage, low-noise levels by thermal controlled 13.5cm fan.


◎  Low noise and voltage regulate DC output quality perfectly.


◎  A strong single +12V rail for high-end system heavy load configuration   provides stable and highly compatibility.


◎  OVP, UVP, SCP and OPP provide maximum safety to your critical system components.

◎  Compliance with the latest EU ErP Direction.

◎  Fully safety certificate with CE, FCC, TUV, and cTUVus.


◎  Haswell Ready.


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