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Мултимедиен проектор VIEWSONIC PA502XP DLP, White

Продуктов код: 33907
Дигитален проектор ViewSonic
Дигитален проектор Мултимедиен проектор VIEWSONIC PA502XP DLP, White (умалена снимка 1) Дигитален проектор Мултимедиен проектор VIEWSONIC PA502XP DLP, White (умалена снимка 2) Дигитален проектор Мултимедиен проектор VIEWSONIC PA502XP DLP, White (умалена снимка 3) Дигитален проектор Мултимедиен проектор VIEWSONIC PA502XP DLP, White (умалена снимка 4)
Дигитален проектор ViewSonic
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Партиден номер:
24 месеца за проектора, 12 месеца/1000 часа работа за лампата
Яркост на проектора:
3500 ANSI lumens
22000 :1
Екран- резол.:
1024 x 768 / XGA
Цена с включен ДДС:
669.78 лв.

Гаранционен срок 24 месеца за проектора, 12 месеца/1000 часа работа за лампата

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The ViewSonic PA502XP XGA projector for presentations offers impressive multimedia performance from various devices in small to medium-sized meeting rooms and classrooms. Packed with 3,500 ANSI Lumens of high brightness and SuperColor™ Technology, the projector is guaranteed to project consistent and true-to-life image even in brightly lit environments. It integrates VGA, Composite, HDMI inputs and 2W speaker, fulfilling the needs to project multimedia contents including multimedia devices and online videos. In addition, with the USB Type-A with power supply, it is capable for wireless projection through HDMI wireless dongle for media streaming or mirroring contents from mobile device. This projector also comes with an energy-efficient smart energy feature which reduces power consumption and extends the lamp life to 15,000 hours on average.

Bright Images in Any Environment

3,500 ANSI Lumens of brightness and a 22,000:1 high contrast ratio guarantee the production of bright images in any environment, including rooms with high ambient light.


SuperColor™: Amazing Colour Performance

ViewSonic’s proprietary SuperColor™ Technology offers a wider colour range, ensuring users enjoy true-to-life colour projection in both bright and dark environments.


Personalized Viewing

Choose from 5 unique viewing modes for ideal viewing pleasure:

  • Brightest Mode: For environments where the maximum brightness is required
  • Presentation Mode: High-brightness and a high contrast ratio for presentations in brightly lit environments
  • Standard Mode: Enhanced colour, similar to that of a PC or Notebook
  • Photo Mode: Natural colour for general viewing
  • Movie Mode: Saturated colour for a better movie watching experience in dark environments

Integrated Power Source

A built-in USB Type-A with power output (5V/1A) can be used to supply power to wireless HDMI dongles, eliminating the need for separate power adapters for connected dongles.


Incredible Sound

Designed with integrated 2W speaker, this projector combines incredible projection with sound for all kinds of multimedia presentations.


Immersive 3D Viewing

PA502XP HDMI port allows users to project 3D content directly from 3D Blu-ray Players and HDMI-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, and media players.


Extended Lifespan

Users can choose different lamp mode to extend the lamp’s lifespan. When Power Saving setting is on and without any signal input, the projector will automatically switch to Eco Mode and SuperEco Mode

  • Eco Mode: This projector automatically switches from Normal to Eco Mode when it has been left idle for 5 minutes.
  • SuperEco Mode: When the projector has not received an input signal for 20 minutes, projected images are dimmed to 70%, extending the lamp’s lifespan to 15,000 hours on average.

Automatic Sleep Timer

Forgetting to shut off projectors is a common occurrence, especially in public spaces such as classrooms and meeting rooms. PA502XP’s sleep timer allows you to select a period of inactivity that will determine when the projector should put itself into sleep mode automatically.


Auto Power Off

When no signal has been detected, the projector will automatically power off to conserve energy and lamp life.


Instant Activation

Get your projector up and running instantly:

  • Direct Power On: Simply connect the power cord and begin; the projector will power itself on automatically.

Remote Control Functionality

This projector can be assigned to 8 different remote controls through a single remote control for effortless projector selection, configuration, and operation during lessons or meetings. While a single remote control can command up to 8 different projectors.


Advanced Image Correction

Vertical keystone allows you to correct and adjust distorted images with ease, making installation flexible.


Time Management Assistance

Presenter Timer is an embedded on-screen timer that helps users with time management during presentations. Once a specified time limit has been reached, the projector will signal this with a beep, keeping presentations running on time.


A Simpler Way to Update Projector Software

ViewSonic Projector Software Update is available online and gives you the ability to keep your projector firmware up to date easily and conveniently; no need to take your projector in to a service center for software updates.



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